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A Blanket of snow

Snow softens the Alpine landscape, smoothing out the wrinkles, concealing the ugliness of bare ground. In the alps, the deeper the snow the more is concealed. This is the last few yards of the Fee glacier above Saas Fee in … Continue reading

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Cold Decembers

We’ve had a cold snap (as we call it) in the UK. Snowfall over much of the midlands and north of there, although south of London we had frost but no snow. The image above was shot on the iPhone … Continue reading

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On Holmbury Hill

The weather has turned wet and cooler – I said Summer wouldn’t last – and in sympathy with the change of weather, this photo was taken earlier in the year on my iPhone when the weather was a lot colder. … Continue reading

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A Brief Freeze

For a few brief days this past week we had a taste of winter. A smear of overnight snow, frosts, and sunny days. Blink and you would almost have missed it. We’re now heading back into wet, mild, and windy … Continue reading

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A perfect winter’s day

Our first visit to Leith Hill was in thick mist a few days after Christmas – click here to view that post. There was no view that day and the nearby trees loomed atmospherically – a slice of the landscape … Continue reading

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Winter as we knew it

The current weather is not especially photogenic, there’s not even fog or mist to add atmosphere. Yet again the weather has got stuck in a rut and I am reminded of the Nursery Rhyme that goes: ‘rain, rain go away, … Continue reading

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When Winter was Wintry

There was a time when the seasons were predictable – they were the staging posts of the year. The choreography was reliable, you knew what to expect and when it would happen. Winters were wintry in general. That meant the … Continue reading

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Water light

Last weekend we went to see Hever Castle, the home for a few years of Anne Boleyn who became Henry VIII’s second wife. The reason for the visit was that currently here in the UK a superb BBC TV series … Continue reading

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Wood Stores

Swiss villages were built of wood. It was an accessible, free, local material. There was usually a forest just beyond the villages confines. Step off the main streets of any Swiss village today and the chances are that you will … Continue reading

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The Moods of Winter

Winter has many moods. It can be bleak in the extreme, but there are other times, when the sun shines, when winter has beauty (despite the absence of colour), and then it has the capacity to lift our spirits. We … Continue reading

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