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Limited Visibility

The two words ‘Limited Visibility’ sadly sum up my recent experience of eight days skiing in Whistler. The weather was not kind to us. Low cloud or hill fog shrouded the mountains, and it repeatedly rained in Whistler, but snowed … Continue reading

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Cold Decembers

We’ve had a cold snap (as we call it) in the UK. Snowfall over much of the midlands and north of there, although south of London we had frost but no snow. The image above was shot on the iPhone … Continue reading

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Winter as we knew it

The current weather is not especially photogenic, there’s not even fog or mist to add atmosphere. Yet again the weather has got stuck in a rut and I am reminded of the Nursery Rhyme that goes: ‘rain, rain go away, … Continue reading

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The weather forecast ‘promised’ snow overnight. But whatever fell from the skies overnight was not snow but rain. The forecasters were wrong as they often are in predicting accurately where precipitation will fall as snow or rain. I glanced back … Continue reading

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Hoar Frost_2

I’m late with my mid-week post. It’s been one of those days. We are dog-sitting my daughter’s 8 month old Entelbucher puppy this week and that means there are some alterations to daily events. Plus we are in the middle … Continue reading

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The ordinary becomes extraordinary

The weather remains cold over here in the UK, with a particularly cold night to come tonight. There’s been frost on the ground repeatedly, lingering all day on some days. Even a dusting of snow this morning. But so far, … Continue reading

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Hoar Frost

There’s nothing predictable about the weather, or the seasons. A glance back through this year’s UK weather patterns provides abundant proof of that statement. December is no exception. This past week the wildest storms for a decade swept the far … Continue reading

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