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The snow of last February is almost forgotten although for me down here in West Sussex there was never much of it – barely an inch at a time. I would have liked a little more. It melted rapidly, all … Continue reading

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Preparing to ski

Moving house and the aftermath meant that I missed two winters of skiing, so this year’s ski trip to Whistler in the new year is eagerly anticipated. In my previous post I looked back to the winter of 2010. Today’s … Continue reading

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Cold Decembers

We’ve had a cold snap (as we call it) in the UK. Snowfall over much of the midlands and north of there, although south of London we had frost but no snow. The image above was shot on the iPhone … Continue reading

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The Moods of Winter

Winter has many moods. It can be bleak in the extreme, but there are other times, when the sun shines, when winter has beauty (despite the absence of colour), and then it has the capacity to lift our spirits. We … Continue reading

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Looking Up

Spring conditions in the Alps. Snow’s good, sun’s bright, cold enough up high, warm like a Spring day in the village. A stunning sky caught my eye. Processing on a small screen with Elements is not my favourite occupation. But … Continue reading

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Snow Fall

It’s been snowing all the daylight hours today, Friday, as I write this. Currently it has stopped but more is forecast for tomorrow. Now, I don’t mind the occasional bit of skiing in flat light or whiteout, provided there is … Continue reading

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The scalloped river

After a heavy fall of snow a river is transformed. Its bouldered edges sculpted by snow into delicately scalloped mounds. This could be almost anywhere – Canada, USA, Europe, Scotland, if the conditions were right. It’s all about being lucky … Continue reading

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A Cold Weather Sport

I’ve been in Zermatt for a week’s skiing and this has been our final day. The skis – excellent Atomic race skis that have made piste skiing a joy, have been returned. The bags are packed, the last bottle emptied. … Continue reading

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