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Rustling Spring Leaves

Experimentation is the life blood of photography, and Processing Tools are the lungs that oxygenate that blood and get the brain cells whirring. Hopefully you will see an essential truth buried in that sentence. And today’s image is an example … Continue reading

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High Heels

A pair of High Heels for the end of the week. Red seemed the right colour to add to the soaring background of this shot. This is taken at St Pancras International Station, London from where Eurostar train services leave … Continue reading

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Pictures at an Exhibition

Today’s title is borrowed from Mussorgsky who composed a Piano Suite with this name; a work successfully re-interpreted by the prog rock group ELP in 1971. It seemed an appropriate title These images come from the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, … Continue reading

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Two Seats

Sometimes I shoot an image and really have no idea what I will do with it, or even if I want it. There’s just something ‘there’ that I connect with almost at a subconscious level. Maybe it’s just the shapes, … Continue reading

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Tree Ghosts

Today’s post leads on from yesterday’s post. For the simple reason that today’s image is of the backside of the same building. If you missed yesterday’s post – Click here to take a look. I walked round this building wondering … Continue reading

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Today’s image resulted from me being ‘let off the lead’ for half an hour in Milton Keynes centre while my wife shopped, without me fidgeting around in the background. A bonus for both parties – she got to shop hassle-free … Continue reading

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Waiting to fly

The process of flying from one country to another requires infinite patience. At the airport one moves from one zone to another (check-in, security, passport control, departure lounge, gate), each move entailing yet another queue. It’s like watching paint dry … Continue reading

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A singular color

I’m starting off the New Year with a question and a splash of color. If you asked 100 people to name the dominant primary color, what would be their answer? I reckon the color Red would be certain to come … Continue reading

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Lights and Back-Lights

The worst part about international air travel is the hanging-around-the-airport time that seems to last for hours and hours.  I’ve discovered that the best thing to do is park my wife and the hand luggage once we have found somewhere … Continue reading

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Red Asters

This started off as a ‘grab’ shot, taken for no particular reason as we wandered through the gardens of Sudeley Castle a few weeks ago. I just liked the colors of the Asters. When I looked at the image on … Continue reading

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