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High View

I’ve been going through the archive – re-living a few adventures and enjoyable days out. Whenever I do this I find images I had forgotten and that deserve to see the light of day. Today’s image dates back to 2006, … Continue reading

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Lily Pads

On many occasions we have to take life as we find it. Same goes for photography. Those who have the foresight, have done the research, or just strike it lucky are the fortunate ones. Today’s images are an example of … Continue reading

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Wild Camping

A quick post, a bit late in the day, as I have spent quite a bit of time today putting the final touches to my new talk ‘High ‘n Wild with a Camera’ which is due for its first outing … Continue reading

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In my experience of walking in the Alps, close encounters with Chamois are not common. I’ve seen them from cable cars in isolated areas well away from paths, I’ve glimpsed them in the middle distance, and occasionally I’ve unintentionally startled … Continue reading

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Walks on less frequented hills and paths

Most people who visit one of the mountainous areas of the UK (especially first-timers), with the intention of doing some hill walking, will opt to climb one of the well-known peaks. That’s natural. These tend to be the highest peaks, … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

As I write, our son Richard is somewhere in NE Pakistan heading to Skardu before setting out on a trek, run by KE Adventure, to K2 Base Camp and Concordia in the heart of the Karakoram. I am very envious. … Continue reading

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At the edge of the lake

Today’s image is of Llyn Cwmorthin in Snowdonia in early summer when the Horsetails are fresh and green and contrast well with the sun-lit waters. This lake sits in a steep sided valley in N Wales in the heart of … Continue reading

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