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Digital Alchemy

We seem to have had more than our fair share of rain lately. And when it rains it feels as if someone up there turns the shower head on rather dramatically. Rain comes down in torrents. A bit of down … Continue reading

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Looking up

An undulating broad ribbon of reflective material hanging from a ceiling in a newly-opened  superstore yielded this abstract image. Never forget to look up!

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To Infinity

After an exhausting ten days or so, I’ve spent a few days endeavouring to relax. With a little bit of time to kill I inevitably turn to the computer, search through the files, and see if I can spot an … Continue reading

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Are you an inquisitive person? A bit of a maverick, perhaps? Do you hate being told what to do and would rather find out on your own? When you explore software do you sometimes think: I wonder what would happen … Continue reading

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When to Delete

I’ve been quiet on the blogging scene for the last few days – making last-minute revisions to my talk ‘The Seeing Eye: Getting the Picture, Developing the Image’ which was delivered last night to Oxford Photographic Society. It was a … Continue reading

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Last week I posted an image (click here to see it) of a new Shopping Mall, known as MK1 Shopping Park, on the southern edge of Milton Keynes, on Stadium Way near Stadium MK. Click on any image in this … Continue reading

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Let me take you there

So far this month I’ve acquired another two hundred images and last night I was looking through them and felt spoilt for choice. And as my eye scanned through them I found that one perfect symmetrical image that I just … Continue reading

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Abstract Geometry

Your first thought on seeing this may be: ‘What the heck is that?’ And my answer would be: ‘Does it matter – would knowing what it is change your opinion of it as an abstract image?’ It’s an image that … Continue reading

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It’s Friday already – where has the week gone? Maybe it’s something about being retired, but life seems to rush by in a blur these days. Today’s image popped up on my desktop after another rummage in the toy cupboard … Continue reading

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The End of the Line

It’s Friday again. It’s been a busy week with 19 images posted in my last two blogs. So, time for something simple and short for today. This image was shot from the window of a speeding Eurostar train two years … Continue reading

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