Welcome to my Photoblog. I’m a UK photographer now based in West Sussex. My output covers a wide spectrum of photographic genres although my primary interest has always been Landscapes. And that neatly links with my love of outdoor pursuits – skiing, climbing and walking. Unsurprisingly, many of my landscapes come from a high mountain environment.

I became interested in Photography in the late ’60s and became a keen B&W print maker with a home darkroom. During the ’70s and early ’80s I developed my skills acquiring an ARPS and an FRPS (much to my surprise and delight) along the way.  Sadly photography was forced to take a back seat for the 1990s and the early years of this century as a demanding medical career restricted my spare time. But now I’m retired and I’ve got my life back!

Nowadays Landscapes are a small portion of my output. I’m rarely separated from a camera, and as a result I find images in unexpected places. My photographic philosophy is best summarized in three words: ‘Where’s the picture?’ I never know what I am going to find next – each day is a journey of discovery. Increasingly I seek out images that will convert well to B&W. A compact is usually in my pocket or pack along with an iPhone. My main equipment is Nikon based with lenses ranging from an 11-16mm zoom to a 500mm Mirror lens.

I view this Photoblog as an opportunity for me to combine my love of photography with my interest in creative writing. It’s a bit like writing a ‘column’ for a world-wide photographic magazine. And the best part about it is that no-one tells me what to write. I make my own choices!

I am also available to speak to Camera clubs in the UK.  Topics include:

  • High and Wild with a Camera
  • Observations on a Visual Journey

I hope you enjoy some of what you see here – do comment if you see something you like. The comments pane will usually remain open for 30 days from the publishing date of the post. You can always explore the Archives by using the options in the Rt sidebar as well.

Please remember to read the copyright notice in the Rt hand column. Thank you.

© copyright 2011-2022 Andy Hooker (LensScapes Photography) – All Rights Reserved.

Andy Hooker aka LensScaper

14 Responses to About

  1. imcconnell says:

    You have a wonderful site Andy. I can see me spending some time trying to catch up on your posts.


    • LensScaper says:

      Many thanks Ian. You probably know, but it’s worth stating for the information of others, that you can use the Archives widget in the sidebar to open the Title and first few lines of all the posts from a selected month. clicking the Title of any post will open the full post. You can also click on any of the listed Categories, or any of the Tags in the Tag cloud to produce a filtered list of posts fitting the criteria selected.


  2. Hi, Thanks for thinking about my blog regarding the Liebster Blog award. You were on my shortlist too. Alas I had to make some decisions. I nearly posted you as a bonus 6th award but thought better of it. I’m not sure who made the rules or indeed what the maths all add up to but thought I’d stick within the rules. If you read my acceptance you will see that I have taken the award as a fun thing. It reminded me of a chain letter except the award is quite a good way of sharing peoples blogs. I shall look forward to seeing which 5 blogs you nominate. It took me quite a long time to compose my post and then notify everyone. Good luck…


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  4. Andy, didn’t you tell me that you bought one of the Nik filter plug-ins? (Silver Efex or Efex Color?)
    If you did and if you don’t know about it, Nik has bundled three programs and is selling the bundle for $149. You can get the upgrade free if you call them. I called and Nik sent an email with a link to download the bundle immediately. 🙂


  5. Gunta says:

    Congratulations on being shortlisted at Digital Lightroom… and good luck!


  6. Hi 🙂 I think your Blog is lovely and so, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please refer to my post for the rules. Leave a comment or fill in the contact form (Available in the menu bar) if you have any questions. Happy blogging and Congrats! 🙂



    • LensScaper says:

      Hi Joanne. That is very kind of you, I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed visiting. It’s hard work in the early months of blogging but stick with it, it is well worth while. The rules are always the bit I like least about these awards but I will endeavour to fulfill them over time.


      • Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve been thinking about blogging for many months now so it’s not a spur of the moment thing… I’ve also had a lot of fun in the past month blogging and I don’t want to give it up anytime soon :p take your time; blogging has to be fun else there’s no point 🙂 your photography is very inspiring and makes me love photography even more!


  7. Andy, thank you for the comment this morning. You found your fire. Your passion! Love your About page and your photography.


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