Spotted yesterday in central London. I have a question: did this man realize exactly where he was standing when he paused to check a text or look something up on his phone?

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Heat Wave Distractions

It has been very hot in the UK in the last few days. Enervating, draining heat  – it results in languid, lazy behaviours. The floor to ceiling doors are flung open, the large garden umbrella is deployed but whatever one does, the heat is inescapable. Even the light is harsh and the shadows dark,

Cue Camera, to capture the light and shade, and then retreat to the computer to explore possibilities. The first image was captured on the iPhone – simple shapes, lines and patterns from the patio furniture.

Next, the shadows thrown by the Breakfast Room doors  caught my attention, and the best way to capture these was to stand on the breakfast table – you can just seen the edge of the table and two of its legs at the bottom of the image, at the top is the shadow of the large outdoor umbrella (or parasol if you are a bit up-market).

Finally, with the window blinds lowered, an image of the shadows cast by the doors. Strands of Winter Jasmine hang down from the trellis outside and Wise Owl completes the picture in the bottom right corner. The contrast was raised very high in processing to create this final image – sometimes I enjoy the pleasure of pushing monochrome to the limits. The starkness of these images feels appropriate to harsh conditions when light is bright and the shadows deep……but they won’t be to everyone’s taste I am sure. Always good to hear your thoughts.

Click on any image to view an enlargement.

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Sea and Sky

One of the things I am discovering as I continue to explore the coastline of Sussex is that the sea is never the same – the light is different, the mood changes depending on the wind and tide, and the colour changes.

I arrived at this spot – an unassuming little place – and took one look out to sea and was immediately struck by the vibrancy of the colour of the sea and felt compelled to capture it – a minimalist seascape, nothing more –  but a view I could happily contemplate for quite some time.

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Summer in the Tree Plantation

I paid my third visit to the Tree Plantation at the end of last week and found it to be a sea of green – so different from earlier in the year when there were variations in leaf colour. Click here and here to view previous visits.

On this last occasion I travelled light – just the new Lumix LX100. This is producing beautifully sharp images and all the images in the last six posts have been shot using it. The Lumix offers four aspect ratios : 4:3, 1:1, 16:9, and 3:2. Three of those aspect ratios are used in today’s images.

These images are more about the overall feel of the plantation and less about individual trees, which for the most part now merge together. My next visit will be in Autumn.

Meanwhile one final image converted to B&W.

All images can be seen enlarged by clicking on them individually.


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Water Lily and Leaves

Water Lily leaves and their flowers are a common feature of ponds and lakes in the UK. The leaves may be green, but sometimes they are purplish-red. The water may be brown, as in this image. But sometimes it is clear, revealing the stems deep in the water; and on other occasions the water reflects the sky. In short, no two findings are ever the same. And that is what I find so appealing.

The plants create their own compositions, and I now have a growing number of images collected over the years of these adornments of still water. This example comes from Hever Castle on our most recent visit. You will find other images here and here and here.

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Seat Vacant

Taken at Ralph Vaughan Williams’ former House – Leith Hill Place yesterday. Perhaps it hints at the parlous state of British Politics after our very recent election.

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On the day after a UK General Election when there has been an unexpected political upheaval, something solid and dependable merits attention.

So, I submit this stone pillar – or the detail thereof – as something that has weathered time and remains dependable. This shot was taken at Hever Castle, a place we have visited a number of times in the last year, most notably for our daughter’s wedding last July – how time flies.

I must have stood and looked at these pillars that support the roof over the outdoor area where our daughter was wed many times. But never before had I paid so much attention to them as on our most recent visit. The veining and colours in the individual stones are remarkable and I took a series of images. I now need to return again and refine the ideas that are forming in my head.

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