Table Talk

What goes on above one’s head is often missed. And when I see something like this, there’s always that little niggle that wonders if one of them will look down and see me pointing my camera up at them. These two didn’t look like they were going to break their concentration any time soon.

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Window art

Previously I posted an image of the stark exterior of the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne (click here to view it).

If you were to turn around and view the opposite side of the road then there is likely be something special to see.  This is what I saw on that day, by now I guess the display will have changed.

This is the window of what I assume to be the art department of Eastbourne College, and it is an impressive window display of the work of their students.

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This is the exterior of the Towner gallery in Eastbourne. On our first visit, I was captivated more by the exterior than by the content of the interior. A sparse, almost minimalist, concrete facade that when reduced to two dimensions is purely about the inter-relationships between two oblong windows and the shadows thrown by light. Enjoy!

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A day at the seaside

West Wittering beach near Chichester is a great beach to visit when the tide is out. There are channels that cut across the beach so that the middle-ground often contains water and adds to the interest and drama when shooting towards the light.

Converting this image to B&W was a no-brainer. Silhouettes always work well in B&W. But the initial conversion didn’t really have a ‘bright’ background. Lightening the lighter tones has created a high-key effect which I think works well.

What time of year do you think this was taken? The clue perhaps is in the Mother’s right arm. Her hand has disappeared up the sleeve of her coat – she’s trying to keep it warm. It was actually shot in March. There was a stiff breeze and the air was chilly. The absence of a hand is a bit disconcerting. One of these days I will find a suitable hand in another image that can be transplanted to correct that fault. Once you spot something wrong in an image, you eye keeps being drawn back to it – and that’s a fact of life!

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Sail Boat

Hello everyone. As you can see I’m not dead! It’s almost three months since I last posted anything on this blog. That’s a long time, and a longer time than I intended. When you stop doing something, for whatever reason, it can be very difficult to get back into the groove.

My absence started with a reason. I underwent surgery. It was the first time I had been an in-patient in a hospital since 1952. A strange experience being a ‘Patient’, having spent my life being a doctor. Thankfully the surgery was not for cancer and I am now fully recovered. In the intervening months very few photographs have been taken. Life was very sedentary for several weeks. The garden got neglected and I’ve had some catching up to do in the past month.

On the positive side there was time to catch up on some reading. For those of you who enjoy hiking I strongly recommend ‘The Last Season ‘ written by Eric Blehm. It’s the story of the back country ranger Randy Morgenson who went missing in the Sierra Nevada back in the 1990s. A wonderfully evocative book. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

I also got a talk prepared (and delivered) to my local camera Club on Black and White Photography. Having a project sharpens the mind; and preparing to speak on a photographic topic involves trawling through the archives and finding images that had somehow got neglected.

And that leads me to today’s image taken on the south coast looking out to sea on a sparkling summer’s day. An inherently simple image that never really had much colour in it and benefits from conversion to B&W and an injection of contrast that colour doesn’t always tolerate very well.

Phew! I’ve got back on the bike (metaphorically); now I must try not to fall off.

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An intruder in the snow-scape

To ski down you have to travel up. One of the ski areas above Zermatt is served by the Gornergrat cog railway that terminates at Gornergrat – a place that has featured repeatedly  in my posts. From there the skier has a choice of pistes – some easy, some difficult. Some of them follow the line of the train.

This was a perfect day, the light was just right. I timed it right, to catch the train.

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This image follows on from my previous post – Click here to view. Glaciers look totally different in summer from what they do in winter. This is the Gorner glacier (2,000ft below me) clad in its winter cloak of snow that softens the lines of the underlying ice.

This abstract ‘sculpture’ is a repetitive feature of this glacier, the lines much harsher in summer when the snow melts. And when the surface snow melts it penetrates deep into the glacier via the crevasses and ruptures in the ice which are created by the nature of the terrain over which this river of ice is moving, far slower than a snail. That constant flow of melt water weaves its way, progressively eroding the ice forming these extraordinary shapes. Isn’t nature beautiful?

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