Looking up


An undulating broad ribbon of reflective material hanging from a ceiling in a newly-opened  superstore yielded this abstract image. Never forget to look up!

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Be careful where you park


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The Art of Peeling


Seen in Vauxhall, S London – disused shop front or business premises with a history of Bill-posting and removal. Result: an interesting pattern of shapes.

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Battle of Britain Day

IMG_8036Today – 15 September is Battle of Britain day. The day we remember with immense gratitude the young men of the RAF who waged an aerial war over London, other UK cities, and the counties of SE England against the Bombers of the German Luftwaffe in 1940, seventy-five years ago. 15 September is commemorated as the day the tide was turned and Hitler’s determination to defeat the RAF as a prelude to an invasion of the UK was finally and decisively thwarted. 1,500 Aircraft were in the sky that day, engaged in aerial battle.

Today there was a service of remembrance at St Paul’s Cathedral and this afternoon the largest flight of Spitfires and Hurricanes ever seen since WW2 took to the air for a fly-past. As I write I am watching a TV programme documenting today’s events.

There is however something missing from what I have written so far. The daring, brave young men to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude were not just English. Men from many Commonwealth countries also flew, but the greatest non-UK contribution came from Poland. There were fifteen Polish Fighter squadrons of which Squadron No. 303 is the most famous being the highest scoring RAF squadron with 126 ‘kills’ to its credit. On 15 September 303 Squadron claimed 15 ‘victories’.

Winston Churchill said, referring to the Battle of Britain: ‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few’. We must never forget.

Purely by chance I walked back into London ten days ago after visiting my son in SE London and spotted this superb artwork on Southbank commemorating 303 Squadron. I couldn’t have found a better image to post to commemorate today.

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A new horizon

_DS83246Moving house has been described as one of life’s most stressful experiences. For us it’s been a long journey with its ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. Selling our house was the easy bit. Finding our next house has been a five-month marathon search during which we have viewed 40 properties. There have been moments of hope and moments of acute disappointment. But somehow we have held fast to the dream that out there, just over the next horizon, there was a house that we would fall in love with. And now, finally, we’ve found that special house and we’re happy and relieved; and also surprised because eventually it all happened so suddenly.

Can you see the way forward? I can’t.

Normal life has been on hold for far too long – we never got a summer holiday. I can’t remember the last year when we didn’t get away for a proper break. Photography too has taken a back seat and it is weeks since I found the time (and energy) to visit and comment on your posts. There is still plenty to do. The house will have to be packed up; difficult decisions will have to be made on what to keep and what to jettison, but we are on the last lap.

_DS79606Hopefully I can get back to my daily check through the Blogosphere. Thanks to all of you who have continued to view, like and comment on my rather erratic posting despite my failure to reciprocate. That means a lot – thank you all.

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A boarded-up frontage in SE London awaiting re-development or perhaps demolition. I’m not quite sure why purple was chosen as the appropriate colour but it adds ‘colour’ and the contrast with one window left au naturel completes the image

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It’s all a blur

IMG_8016A train journey is an opportunity. It’s a time to relax – someone else is doing the driving. There’s time to read a newspaper, book or magazine. Or just ‘chill’ and simply watch the world go by – enjoying the scenery from a different viewpoint.

I always try to find a window seat. As the train speeds up the world close by starts to whiz by in a blur. And I begin to see images within that blur. The rails become lines of colour, the foliage becomes a background wash, the stations a blur of yellow and white. The scenery creates impressions.

Here are a few from my trip down to London last week. The blur you see is straight out of camera – no further manipulation – just a tweak to levels and curves and colour temperature.

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