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Back to the Mountains

It’s the season of short days and long nights; time to work on the image archives. I’m busy preparing a new iteration of a talk about Alpine photography titled ‘High ‘n Wild with a Camera’ and in the process re-living … Continue reading

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Pure simplicity

Black and White photography is an artistic medium that attracts descriptive terms: Pure, Simplified, Minimalist, Stripped back to basics. Evocative of the past. All are true, in my opinion. I am of a generation that grew up accustomed to a … Continue reading

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The View from the Trift Gorge

Our last day in Zermatt. It was a misty morning as I walked up the Trift Gorge mainly in cloud but on the way down I was rewarded with superb views of the Dom and Taschhorn – the two main … Continue reading

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After the storm – dusted with snow

Yesterday’s storm is in the past. Today dawned with mist swirling round the valleys and wreathing the peaks. A quick snap before breakfast. Do click any image to see an enlargement – the quality and sharpness is vastly better. By … Continue reading

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The view from Almagelleralp

It’s mid June and so far we’ve had a mere handful of warm sunny days. In less than a week’s time it will be the longest day and then the evenings will draw in on the long descent into gloom … Continue reading

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The Mischabel Mountains

Today’s image links back to a series of three Posts that I uploaded earlier this year about The Dom – Switzerland’s Highest Mountain – the central summit of the Mischabel Mountains. Click the link to go to the first in … Continue reading

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Lenticular Clouds

It’s a common occurrence in the Alps for a cloudless sky in the morning to be replaced by a slow build-up of Cumulus clouds over the mountains as the day progresses. Sometimes those cloud formations can be extraordinary, bizarre and … Continue reading

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