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Cubist reflection

This is one of the more bizarre reflections that I’ve captured  from the Docklands area of east London. Whether the glass facade was planned to reflect its neighbours in such an outrageous way or whether this happened purely by chance … Continue reading

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Geometric patterning

The world would be a very different place without glass. That is a statement of the obvious. But it is when you view reflections in so-called flat glass windows that you appreciate that glass is so much more than a … Continue reading

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Following on from my last post – Glass and Water – here is another image from the same day, same area. A perfectly symmetrical building, given the ‘Flat Glass’ treatment I have talked about before. What a joy to behold … Continue reading

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Second Viewing

A couple of weeks ago I re-visited a scene I previously photographed in Where to Crop. You might like to view that image to make comparisons with today’s. On my first visit I encountered problems that related to an inability … Continue reading

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Passing Through

In my last Post (click here) I showed an image from a passageway on the walk from Charing Cross Station to Southbank via Hungerford Bridge. Today we look up at the first part of that walkway viewed from Villiers Street … Continue reading

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Mezzanine Window – the final cut

The Mezzanine Window on the staircase of my house has already been the subject of three earlier posts, as followers and regular visitors to my Photoblog will know. When you are as familiar with a scene, as I am with … Continue reading

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