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Getting Acquainted

In my last Post I reported that my faithful (and familiar) Camera G10 had died and I was seeking a replacement. Now I have one: Panasonic Lumix LX100. I read a number of reviews, all of which were very favourable. … Continue reading

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Discovering the Plantation

A few days ago I spotted a Plantation of trees in the distance on the drive home. A check on the OS map showed a path that looked likely to pass close to the Plantation I had spotted. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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Sky Puddle

It’s nice to get back to some blue sky thinking in front of the computer today after a hectic few weeks re-drafting a talk (‘Observations on a Visual Journey’) for camera clubs, which aired for the first time last night … Continue reading

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Image Cropping – The WordPress way

WordPress has made a decision – it doesn’t think much of your idea of photographic composition. The Reader now crops your image any old how. I quote: “Here’s the idea: the Reader stream is not the work itself, it’s an … Continue reading

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About Turn

This is my fourth and last post about Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters. Click here to read the first post in this series. Having taken the classic view, stared at the sand under my feet, and raised my eyes … Continue reading

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Seeing Differently in October

Robyn of RobynsFineArt issued a challenge – The Seeing Differently Challenge – at the beginning of October to find 15 different images in October. I am late arriving at the party but I decided to post a complete gallery of … Continue reading

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Water Sky

The world would be a very boring place if it was devoid of reflections. In urban environments the use of flat glass as an outer skin for many buildings has revolutionised the way the built elements of a neighbourhood inter-relate in … Continue reading

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