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This image follows on from my previous post – Click here to view. Glaciers look totally different in summer from what they do in winter. This is the Gorner glacier (2,000ft below me) clad in its winter cloak of snow … Continue reading

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Specks of Humanity

One of the difficulties I face as a photographer, who also skis, is how to portray the vastness of the mountain-scape through which we travel. One of the answers is to include fellow adventurers in the image. When fellow skiers … Continue reading

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Graveyard of a Glacier

A busy few weeks has meant a slowdown in images appearing on this blog. I’m still working my way through last summer’s collection of new images from the Alps, among other things. There have been two previous posts about the … Continue reading

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Rock Strata

On the margins of the Gorner Glacier there are some extraordinary rock formations. Striped rocks, blue-grey alternating with shades of yellow, rippled and twisted – evidence of the colossal forces at work hundreds of millions of years ago that laid … Continue reading

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The Gorner Glacier revisited

Anyone who has visited Zermatt and travelled up to Rotenboden or Gornergrat on the Gornergratbahn will have seen the Gorner Glacier, even if they didn’t know it’s name. It’s the second largest glacial mass in the European Alps after the … Continue reading

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Abstract Glacier Art

Today has been a disappointing day weather-wise. Low-lying cloud, brief showers and poor views. This continues a long-term story of poor summer weather in the Alps this year. So, in selecting an image for today, I’ve gone back a few … Continue reading

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Roaring Water

Today I walked up the Gorner Gorge as far as I could travel to the snout of the Gorner Glacier. The only sound to be heard was the roar of water. Every time I take a look at the water … Continue reading

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Nature’s Abstracts

A week or more ago I wrote about how it can be difficult to find something new to say about a place that has been re-visited several times and well documented photographically. Looking steeply down onto the Gorner glacier from … Continue reading

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Glacial Movement

In the summer of 2011 while on holiday in Zermatt I crossed the Gorner Glacier on a trip to see the new Monte Rosa Hut. Click here to see my post on the ‘Monte Rosa Hut Trail’. During that same … Continue reading

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Gornergrat Vista

The high point of Gornergrat (3,089M) reached by the Gornergrat rack and pinion railway is a must-see destination for any visitor to Zermatt. The panoramic view is one of the finest in the Alps including 29 summits over 4,000M. The … Continue reading

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