Ginkgo Biloba in Spring

We feel privileged to have a specimen Ginkgo Biloba tree in our garden. The seed of this tree was brought back to the UK from Japan about 35 years ago by my wife’s uncle. He grew a small sapling from this seed and gave it to us. It now stands tall – a sentinel tree  – outside our kitchen window.

I first referred to this tree in a post last Autumn – ‘The last leaves of Autumn’ – when the Ginkgo leaves turn a brilliant yellow.

Our Ginkgo’s leaves are now re-developing. They start off so small – ‘Doll’s House leaves’ – perfectly shaped like Adult leaves, only in miniature, The ones you see here are just half an inch across, but they start out much smaller than this. Gradually this tree will fill out. It’s one of the delights of Spring, watching the developments on a daily basis.

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12 Responses to Ginkgo Biloba in Spring

  1. Cool shot, Andy. Love that DoF. Amazing how trees and plant life thrive, even when transported to new environments.


  2. Lovely composition and DoF Andy.


  3. hdrexposed says:

    Beautiful lighting and soft tones my friend


  4. ehpem says:

    Nice shot. We have just inherited a ginkgo tree in a pot. We repotted it in the summer when we got it and it promptly dropped most of its leaves. But, it too is now covered in tiny happy leaves, so we will get to watch it’s annual cycle now.


  5. Andy, I love the way these leaves look!


  6. seekraz says:

    Certainly a “delight of spring.” Very nice, Andy.


  7. Phillip says:

    I love the type of leaves. Great job Andy!


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