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Happiness defined

The sun is shining, it’s Friday, and it’s the start of one of the UK’s bank holiday weekends. Time to banish serious thinking and relax, or ‘chill’ as they say. In tune with that philosophy here’s a light-hearted image spotted … Continue reading

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The London skyline

Leake Street, a disused road tunnel that runs underneath Waterloo Station London, is well known as a mecca for street art – murals, graffiti etc. There’s hardly an inch of wall that hasn’t been painted, and then painted over and over again. … Continue reading

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There haven’t been many opportunities for image capture this month so I’ve gone back exactly a year for today’s image. It’s raining this morning so it’s apt that the image I’ve chosen features umbrellas – lots of them. This is … Continue reading

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This Way or That Way?

The area just north of King’s Cross Station in London is an area undergoing intense redevelopment. This has been ongoing for several years and will continue for several more years. Each visit to the area reveals something new. Building sites … Continue reading

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Phlegm at Southbank

Tucked back from the Thames at Southbank, above ground on a walkway behind the QE Hall, you will find a classic work by Phlegm the well-known Sheffield Artist. It’s not easy to photograph, because being above ground it is impossible … Continue reading

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Grems at Southbank

There’s a superb new art work at Southbank. You’ll find it on the side wall behind the Mexican restaurant Wahaca. The colours are vibrant, the painting precise, the content fascinating and deftly interwoven. It’s by Grems – a French graphic … Continue reading

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The Visual Backdrop

For 40 years, the Undercroft on Southbank in London has been home to Skateboarders. It’s an iconic site where physical skill meets street art. Recently this site has been under significant threat due to a £120 million redevelopment scheme for … Continue reading

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Another Roa Mural

Having just posted Squirrels earlier today – a mural on the Southbank by the artist Roa – I got to thinking about other murals I have photographed in London and suddenly I realized that I had already seen a work … Continue reading

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I was back in London about 10days ago walking along the Southbank when I caught sight of a new mural on the walls of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. A pair of Squirrels in dramatic pose. Getting into position to get … Continue reading

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This is a stunning mural of a famous man. It deserves a UK audience – so here it is for you all, courtesy of my good friend Mike Fiveson

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