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Curtain down on Winter

Images of the approach of dusk are as good a symbol as I can come up with today to indicate that the curtain is finally coming down on this long gruelling winter.  This weekend we look forward to double digit … Continue reading

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An elusive image

The New Year dawned dry with a clear blue sky. Yes, hard to believe after all the rain we have had but it really was a fine day from dawn to dusk. So having recovered from New Year’s Eve and … Continue reading

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Big Skies st Sundown

Every sunset is different. Some are fiery, others subtle. In some it’s the colour of the sky, in others it’s light reflecting off the clouds. Occasionally it’s the sheer height of the sky. They have moods – from angry to … Continue reading

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A Lakeside Walk

The weather where I live in the UK has been pretty cold for the last few days – sharp overnight frosts, cloudless skies during the days, and some beautiful sunsets (click here for images of the best one); all thanks … Continue reading

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Fire in the Sky

Yesterday afternoon driving home we were treated to an exceptional, fiery sunset. Stuck on a dual carriageway with nowhere to stop, I was despondent that by the time we reached a suitable point where we could turn off and find … Continue reading

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Sundown over Ivinghoe Beacon

My Posts are usually planned a few days in advance. It gives me time to draft the text, select the images, and then ‘park’ the draft returning to it for a read through (and usually an edit) before I finally … Continue reading

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Nearing Completion – at sunset

A slightly clumsy title that encompasses two themes: A sunset, and a building nearing completion that reflected it. I have been planning to write about the building itself for a few weeks, but let’s get to the sunset first. Last … Continue reading

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