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The quiet wood

Despite living in West Sussex for six and a half years, I am still discovering areas of woodland within a 15 minute walk of our house. This is my most recent ‘find’. I think it may have been deliberately planted … Continue reading

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A walk in woodland is always a joy. From the translucent greens of spring, to the multi-coloured feast of autumn. For the quietness. And for the woodland itself – the straight trunks that create a kind of order and depth. … Continue reading

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A walk in the woods

There’s something special about being lost (in a photographic sense) in a wood. I enjoyed that experience just a week ago. It’s quite some time since I last did that. All I could hear was the distant sound of traffic, … Continue reading

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Into the Canopy

I spent a lot of last Autumn looking at the leaf litter on the ground. In the last month I have done the opposite and looked up into the canopy. It’s a beautiful sight. We’ve all at one time or … Continue reading

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Kingley Vale

I took a break from posting over Christmas and New Year (as will be obvious to those who follow me) and it’s proving surprisingly difficult to get back to normality. I could list a quite a few reasons for that … Continue reading

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Black Down again

We were back on Black Down last week, on a day of fleeting sunshine, and this is the panoramic view from the southern promontory looking out over the South Downs National Park and West Sussex. This viewpoint is called The … Continue reading

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Summer in the Tree Plantation

I paid my third visit to the Tree Plantation at the end of last week and found it to be a sea of green – so different from earlier in the year when there were variations in leaf colour. Click … Continue reading

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Chance Finding-2

Hot on the heels of the small clutch of reeds in my previous post – Chance Finding – I spotted this line of reed stems. Some standing proud, others bowed and bent – each one reflected – they suggested a … Continue reading

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Chance Finding

We are still finding new places to visit in Sussex and thereabouts. Each place visited yields a new collection of images.  Some of those images are illustrative of where we have been – images that are of that place. But … Continue reading

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Blackdown re-visited

It is only six weeks since my first visit to Blackdown (click here to view), but the change in the scenery has been remarkable. Colour has erupted – the result of an unseasonably warm April. Add in blue sky and … Continue reading

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