Another image in this series on leaf fall and the arrangements created by nature and the elements. We tend to look for, and be attracted to, leaves that have an individual beauty, created by shape, form and colour: Oak and Maple spring immediately to mind. But to confine one’s observation to those undeniably attractive leaves is to exclude the subtle shapes of Willows that, when blown by the wind, cluster together creating shapes that remind me of  hieroglyphs.

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Waiting to Fall

An array of leaves, low enough to allow the shot to include the parkland at Petworth. A place that is well worth a visit in Autumn.


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This is the second in this series of leaves that fell to earth. It’s a project that slows me down; time spent scanning the ground for potential compositions. Finding one, and then a little careful weeding – removing detritus, foreign objects, ugly stems, careful not to disturb the critical elements; simplifying the composition, but no re-arranging, and no additions (tempting at times). Click here to see the first in this series if you missed it.

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The leaves are falling. In the heat of summer (here in the UK) there was talk that Autumn would be very early and could be over by the end of September. Ha! Wrong! Despite the heat and the lack of rain, Autumn seems to be on a very typical schedule, it turns out.

The leaves are falling – actually that is a rather bland description of what happens. Leaves don’t fall: they tumble, they pirouette, they somersault, they twist and turn, they float, they fly, they are blown. Eventually, gravity wins, and they land: sometimes for good, but quite commonly only to be moved again by the wind. Ultimately they are grounded and they occupy a space relative to other leaves; not necessarily leaves from the same tree, or even the same genus. They are just THERE. By chance. They become part of the leaf litter. And this year’s project, for me, is to examine the leaf litter and find nature’s compositions. And so, natives of my neighbourhood will find me examining the ground, identifying a clutch of leaves and removing intrusive elements to reveal a composition. That composition is always about subtraction, not about re-arrangement or addition of elements. It is a process of ‘reveal’.

How this will develop, and how far I will get with it – heaven knows! It’s time-consuming and subject to the vagaries of the weather, but here is a starter for today, found a couple of days ago. Others will follow, I hope.


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I’ve never owned a Harley Davidson and I’m never likely to, but that doesn’t stop me getting excited by the sight of one, or the sound of one.

A couple of weeks ago we had an event in town called ‘AmeriCARna’. The town centre, for a day, was home to an astonishing collection of vintage American cars from the fifties, sixties and seventies. An era of extravagant styling when cars had fins and bling. There were also Corvettes and Mustangs and Hot Rods, and…. a large number of Harleys and other Bikes.

It was a great day and a lot of images were taken. An opportunity to get up close to the heart of a Harley – something I have wanted to do for a long time. What a stunning sight. It’s an engine, but so much more than just an engine – it’s a work of art. Beautiful.


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Patchwork Pattern

This is the facade of a building on Oxford Street. A very unusual 3D facade with geometric projections, each of which reflects the sky. I have photographed it several times, and on each occasion the overall effect is different. It looked particularly camera-worthy on this occasion.


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Window Art

A window never looks quite the same, I am discovering. Time of day, sun or no sun, viewing angle – they all affect what is reflected. And on this particular occasion the results were impressive.

The last few weeks have been busy for a variety of reasons and I haven’t been posting as often as I normally do, and neither have I had time to read and comment on those of you who I follow. Life’s sometimes like this – too many things on the go at once, and some things just don’t get done. It’s the start of a new working week, and I’m endeavouring to get back into a better routine.

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