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When Winter was Wintry

There was a time when the seasons were predictable – they were the staging posts of the year. The choreography was reliable, you knew what to expect and when it would happen. Winters were wintry in general. That meant the … Continue reading

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Ice Curtain

When the legs are tired of skiing, it’s time to take a walk around Zermatt village. There is always something new or different to see. This winter started with a number of freeze-thaw cycles as the weather unpredictably changed. It … Continue reading

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Snow Fall

It’s been snowing all the daylight hours today, Friday, as I write this. Currently it has stopped but more is forecast for tomorrow. Now, I don’t mind the occasional bit of skiing in flat light or whiteout, provided there is … Continue reading

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A Cold Weather Sport

I’ve been in Zermatt for a week’s skiing and this has been our final day. The skis – excellent Atomic race skis that have made piste skiing a joy, have been returned. The bags are packed, the last bottle emptied. … Continue reading

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