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The snow of last February is almost forgotten although for me down here in West Sussex there was never much of it – barely an inch at a time. I would have liked a little more. It melted rapidly, all … Continue reading

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Abundant Snow

There has been colossal snowfall across the Alps in the last few days and weeks, with resorts, including Zermatt, temporarily cut off by avalanches disrupting transport links. Avalanche protection, management and awareness has advanced dramatically in recent years and thankfully … Continue reading

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Preparing to ski

Moving house and the aftermath meant that I missed two winters of skiing, so this year’s ski trip to Whistler in the new year is eagerly anticipated. In my previous post I looked back to the winter of 2010. Today’s … Continue reading

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Cold Decembers

We’ve had a cold snap (as we call it) in the UK. Snowfall over much of the midlands and north of there, although south of London we had frost but no snow. The image above was shot on the iPhone … Continue reading

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Perfect Symmetry

Sharp frosts and bright sunny days are days to be enjoyed and photographed. Especially when one is rewarded with an image like this. How do trees achieve this level of symmetry? I spotted this example late in the afternoon on … Continue reading

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A Brief Freeze

For a few brief days this past week we had a taste of winter. A smear of overnight snow, frosts, and sunny days. Blink and you would almost have missed it. We’re now heading back into wet, mild, and windy … Continue reading

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Winter as we knew it

The current weather is not especially photogenic, there’s not even fog or mist to add atmosphere. Yet again the weather has got stuck in a rut and I am reminded of the Nursery Rhyme that goes: ‘rain, rain go away, … Continue reading

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When Winter was Wintry

There was a time when the seasons were predictable – they were the staging posts of the year. The choreography was reliable, you knew what to expect and when it would happen. Winters were wintry in general. That meant the … Continue reading

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Looking in the mirror

Where there’s glass there will be reflections. This building was under construction last summer when we were in Zermatt. It’s always intriguing to imagine how a building will finally look when completed. Buildings have ‘sides’. A side that welcomes the … Continue reading

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Sundown is always a magical time of day, more so in the mountains when in the space of half a minute the light radically changes. I had come down early off the ski slopes on this particular day and caught … Continue reading

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