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Beach Walkers

Autumn has occupied my attention for several weeks to the exclusion of other images. It’s time to change the genre. Today’s image goes back a few weeks to a beautiful day when we went back to Littlehampton on the south … Continue reading

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Simply glittering and shimmering. I love finding images like this. March is often known for variable weather in the UK. There is a well-known saying that ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’, or sometimes … Continue reading

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Beach Walkers

It’s surprising how much difference a little bit of elevation can make to a scene. This is yet another image from Birling Gap, taken just after ‘Waiting for the Light’ as we were climbing the steps away from the beach. Images … Continue reading

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Shoes Off

Shoes off – just paddling. A simple scene that will be repeated on every beach countless times a day, particularly where the beach slopes at a gentle angle. Nothing quite like  walking lazily through the shallows on a Summer’s day … Continue reading

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On the Beach

Back to the beach again today. We are progressively getting familiar with the variety of beaches within easy reach of where we now live. A Tide Table app on iPhone enables us to schedule visits for when the tide is … Continue reading

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Rippled beach

We have journeyed to the coast twice recently to escape the heat inland. A gentle on-shore breeze has been very welcome and a breeze is just what is needed on a gently shelving sandy beach to create ripples and ridges … Continue reading

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Corrugated Light

When the tide goes out on a gently sloping sandy beach accompanied by a subtle on-shore breeze, and water gets trapped in the sand’s wrinkles, and the light is just right, then there are images to be found. This was shot … Continue reading

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Single Figures at the Seaside

On a late summer’s day I took the train to Margate, a town close to the south-eastern tip of the UK. I was in Margate to visit Tate Contemporary to see an exhibition of Piet Mondrian. A post about the … Continue reading

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Sun, sea, sand, and ripples

If you’ve been following my blog this week you will know there has been a common, but somewhat contrived, thread to a trilogy of Posts of which this is the last. ‘Undulation’ is the word I’ve used to link them. … Continue reading

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