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Seven Sisters from Seaford Head

A couple of days after Christmas I re-visited this classic view of the Seven Sisters cliffs with my son. This must be the third or fourth year in a row that we have used a fine day just after Christmas … Continue reading

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The Seven Sisters

On our last trip to the south coast we re-visited Birling Gap – the day I also shot the image ‘To Infinity’ that featured in my previous post. Click the link if you haven’t seen that. The light was soft, … Continue reading

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Red Van

I have said, and others have also said, that when we travel to a place we take images that are ‘of’ that place, and we also take images that happen to be taken ‘at’ that place but are not really … Continue reading

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Beach Walkers

It’s surprising how much difference a little bit of elevation can make to a scene. This is yet another image from Birling Gap, taken just after ‘Waiting for the Light’ as we were climbing the steps away from the beach. Images … Continue reading

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Waiting for the light

The weather between Christmas and New Year was uninspiring – grey and foggy – except for one day when the sun shone. Son and I headed for the South Coast to re-view Birling Gap. The tide was going out and … Continue reading

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About Turn

This is my fourth and last post about Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters. Click here to read the first post in this series. Having taken the classic view, stared at the sand under my feet, and raised my eyes … Continue reading

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Looking down

Continuing the theme of ‘Under Foot‘, today I’m posting another pair of images from Birling Gap. The Sun shone brilliantly that day, and where there is the combination of sun, sea, sand and low tide there is one view that … Continue reading

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Under Foot

Too often when we walk about with a camera, we look around us but ignore what is right under our feet. It’s all to easy to forget that the world exists in 360 degrees in three dimensions. We were at … Continue reading

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The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters is the name given to an iconic, undulating line of chalk cliffs stretching for about two miles westwards from the Birling Gap to Cuckmere Haven on the South East coast of  England. They form part of the South Downs Country … Continue reading

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Towards Birling Gap

Just occasionally it makes a change to soften an image slightly to create something that is a little closer to the posters that were a feature of the travel industry several decades ago. This image was taken from close to … Continue reading

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