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Cola Drinker

Last summer I walked a number of walks in and around Milton Keynes which, quite possibly, I will never walk again as a result of our recent move down into Sussex. I don’t think that thought actually occurred to me … Continue reading

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Flood waters, driven by a strong breeze, were lapping across the path round Willen Lake recently. And at the edge lay little collections of bubbles, a bit like the foam one finds on the beach sometimes during or after a … Continue reading

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Reflected Reality

After days and weeks of weather that has cloaked the countryside in shades of grey, the arrival of sun and blue sky has been startling. Suddenly the beauty has returned to the landscape. It also brings us out of hibernation … Continue reading

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A Lakeside Walk

The weather where I live in the UK has been pretty cold for the last few days – sharp overnight frosts, cloudless skies during the days, and some beautiful sunsets (click here for images of the best one); all thanks … Continue reading

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