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Spring Sprung

I was surprised to realize that I had yet to post an image of Spring. Life has been unusually busy recently and Spring didn’t just arrive – it exploded into life. It was a case of ‘blink and you missed … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

April was a real mixed bag of weather from warmth to snow and a profusion of April Showers – sunshine one minute, pouring rain the next. How trees, plants and flowers make sense of this is a mystery but they … Continue reading

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We returned, as we do often, to Stowe Gardens at the weekend – our first visit of the year. Spring has been making very rapid progress thanks to warm sunny weather in the last week or so. And it has … Continue reading

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Lilac unfurls

One of the features of Spring that still holds me in thrall after all these years is how leaves unfurl and grow. We have a couple of Lilac trees in our garden – one white and one pink. And every … Continue reading

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Down the Garden

Two more Springtime images today from the bottom of our garden. Which is taken with a Mirror Lens? The first one is fairly obviously taken with one. It shows the typical – and in this case rather intrusive – ring-shaped … Continue reading

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Dockey Wood Bluebells

Finally we got to visit our favourite Bluebell Wood two days ago. This is Dockey Wood on the Ashridge Estate not far from Berkhamstead. It’s the best Beech wood with Bluebells that I know, and we have been visiting this … Continue reading

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iPhone saves the day

This is the time of year when we watch the forecast and make the most of the good days. So, two days ago, with a sunny afternoon promised we made our annual spring pilgrimage to Rousham to enjoy the gardens. … Continue reading

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Bluebells close to home

Bluebells are not the easiest of Spring flowers to photograph but they are most definitely one of the Icons of the season. They create a haze of blue, and that is how they are commonly photographed – en masse. My … Continue reading

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Spring Time

A funny thing has happened to me this Spring. Funny meaning ‘odd’ or ‘strange’. I’ve struggled to get engaged with the season – in general and photographically. It’s a mixture of ‘I’ve seen it all before’, and a distinct failure … Continue reading

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Late Light

Every photographer knows there is something special about early morning or evening light. It has warmth, it throws long shadows and has the ability to light-up the landscape. For a brief while in the evening at this time of the … Continue reading

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