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Advertising Windows

Another brief trip to London this week, which also happened to be School Half Term holiday week, so trains were filled with horribly noisy small children who hogged all the seats meaning the older members of society were obliged to … Continue reading

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Blue sky dreaming

This image was taken 2-3 weeks ago from the relatively warm internal arcade of Milton Keynes shopping centre. Gazing out through the internal reflections and warped reality to the blue sky beyond. A reminder of warmer and brighter times of … Continue reading

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At the top of the steps

Today’s image is of the pedestrian footbridge that crosses the railway line at Heyford station. We stopped here actually to take a look at the Marina on the side of the Oxford Canal that runs directly alongside the railway. The … Continue reading

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The Olympic Rings

It seems rather unpatriotic not to post an image of the London Olympics now reaching the end of their first week. So here is an image of the Olympic Rings that hang under the vast canopy of St Pancras International … Continue reading

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Pictures at an Exhibition

Today’s title is borrowed from Mussorgsky who composed a Piano Suite with this name; a work successfully re-interpreted by the prog rock group ELP in 1971. It seemed an appropriate title These images come from the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, … Continue reading

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Tree Ghosts

Today’s post leads on from yesterday’s post. For the simple reason that today’s image is of the backside of the same building. If you missed yesterday’s post – Click here to take a look. I walked round this building wondering … Continue reading

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Today’s image resulted from me being ‘let off the lead’ for half an hour in Milton Keynes centre while my wife shopped, without me fidgeting around in the background. A bonus for both parties – she got to shop hassle-free … Continue reading

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