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Incidental Findings

How many of you find images accidentally or unexpectedly: images that one might call ‘Incidental Findings’? All of us I expect. They are the natural consequence of cultivating a Seeing Eye. In my experience they arise from a variety of … Continue reading

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Do my eyes deceive me?

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, that is a portion of the rear end of a classic 1960s American car. And No, it is not a trick shot or a montage. Difficult though it may be to believe, … Continue reading

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We are nearly midway through June and I was expecting to be outdoors with a camera. But I’m not as this prolonged spell of cold, grey, wet and sometimes windy weather continues with the occasional brief respite. And so I’m … Continue reading

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Men Upstairs

Life around us can be full of unintended flashes of humour, the occasional double entendre, and suggestive word-play. You just have to be on the look out for it. ‘Men Upstairs’ the sign says… in a clothing store actually. But … Continue reading

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Window Dressing

‘Window Dressing is an Art form – discuss’.  An interesting topic for a discussion forum perhaps. Maybe the best answer would be to hedge and say – yes, sometimes. It depends. If, for example, you are selling office supplies then … Continue reading

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Window Snapping

This is the time of year when couples go out shopping together.  Don’t you just love that!? Sometimes it works, but the likelihood is that for at least part of that trip you’ll split up and go your own way … Continue reading

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