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Cola Drinker

Last summer I walked a number of walks in and around Milton Keynes which, quite possibly, I will never walk again as a result of our recent move down into Sussex. I don’t think that thought actually occurred to me … Continue reading

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Sky Grid

A reflected skyscape – need I say any more?

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Our Photography is driven by many different feelings, one of the important ones being Mood. And I don’t just mean the mood inherent in the subject before us: the play of light, the atmosphere. Primarily today I’m talking about the … Continue reading

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Solarized Roof

Milton Keynes is home to one of the longest indoor ski slopes in the UK. This image shows part of the Xscape’s roof inside which is the SnoZone. Today’s image started off life as a rather unremarkable picture taken on … Continue reading

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Going Shopping

Light changes everything, even the most mundane and ordinary of scenes. This is the entrance to the escalators down to the Debenhams department store from the multi-storey carpark in Central Milton Keynes. It’s an entrance that I have used countless … Continue reading

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Back in March 2012, I posted ‘Poster People’. It included images of a sculpture called ‘Chain Reaction’ and my last line in that post was: ‘I plan to re-visit during the year to see how I can improve…’ Well it’s … Continue reading

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Reflected Reality

After days and weeks of weather that has cloaked the countryside in shades of grey, the arrival of sun and blue sky has been startling. Suddenly the beauty has returned to the landscape. It also brings us out of hibernation … Continue reading

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Balcony and Chair

I spotted this on a walkabout in the Theatre district of MK a few days ago. This is a building I’ve walked past on many occasions, but perhaps I hadn’t looked up at it from this direction before. There are … Continue reading

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Lghts, Camera, Shoot

Another in the series ‘Out for Lunch’. For today’s date, we are at Jamie’s, one of Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants, serving excellent Italian food. Jamie is a household name in the UK and may to known to some of you in … Continue reading

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The Stadium

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: B&W is a much more tolerant medium than colour. It allows us to exaggerate contrast, to distort the tonal range, create mood, and at the extremes produce images that, I recall … Continue reading

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