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Replacing the windows

Almost a perfect fit. Walking down towards Tate Britain earlier this week I passed this building. Nothing very remarkable about the building – large floor to ceiling windows in a facade that was clad with wood. A little austere and … Continue reading

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Geometric patterning

The world would be a very different place without glass. That is a statement of the obvious. But it is when you view reflections in so-called flat glass windows that you appreciate that glass is so much more than a … Continue reading

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A Neighbour’s Imprint

Yesterday I was in London (in-between the strikes currently being inflicted on passengers travelling on Southern Rail by the Unions). I am still familiarising myself with the London terminus at which I now arrive – Victoria Station. A station whose … Continue reading

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Sublime Beauty

‘Sublime Beauty’ may not be the words you would normally use to describe this facade, but they are the words used by Architect Sam Jacob when he nominated this multi-storey car park in Welbeck Street, just north of Oxford Street … Continue reading

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A Patchwork Quilt of Windows

Buildings never look the same re-visited. You visit them a second or third time and you see something completely different. About a year ago I photographed this building and the scene then was all about a vast curve of reflective … Continue reading

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Viewing St Paul’s

The view of St Paul’s Cathedral from Tate Modern, and particularly from the Millennium Bridge which crosses the River Thames directly at that point, is one of the classic views in London. Every time I walk along South Bank or … Continue reading

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A cubist canvas

I spent a few minutes walking near London Bridge last weekend. The Shard dominates the Skyline in this part of London but I have yet to capture a satisfactory image of it. I’m really not bothered because there are plenty … Continue reading

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