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Up and Down

Having spent so much of the last few weeks looking down at leaf litter I thought it was time I looked up before it was too late. Everyone has taken an image like this or has seen one like it … Continue reading

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My Leaf Project continues to morph as new ideas occur to me, and today it is about collages. the two previous posts have featured image that are the result of combining several images together to create a ‘panel’ Image. Click … Continue reading

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Leaf Litter

My first Leaf Panel is not quite along the lines of the planned project for Leaf Panels, but this was an easy panel to assemble to see how images would look in a grid. I’m reasonably happy with the result, … Continue reading

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Autumn Colours

Earlier this week we made a brief visit to Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property not far from Guildford. This image was taken from the Terrace looking across to an expanse of woodland. What an unexpected treat for the eyes … Continue reading

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Walking the Watercourse

Water levels in our local stream, along which I walk on a daily basis, have been low for several weeks after a prolonged spell of dry weather. Yesterday I put on knee-length Wellington boots and waded into the stream, camera … Continue reading

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This Autumn has produced some of the most vivid colours for several years thanks to what the forecasters tell us has been a perfect combination of weather conditions. Sunshine and rain through spring and summer kept the trees watered and … Continue reading

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Long Shadows

As the days grow shorter and the sun’s path across the sky becomes lower, the shadows grow longer. We were out on a shortish walk in one of our well-visitied locations and I looked through  a small copse of trees … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaves

We’ve reached the stage of Autumn when the leaves on the ground greatly exceed those left on the trees. They drop one by one randomly, they are blown by the wind, they drift onto the territory of neighbouring trees and … Continue reading

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Colour on the Water

The colours of Autumn aren’t just to be found above ground and on the ground. Water Lily leaves die too. And as they die they too put on a display of colour before they literally rot into the water. A … Continue reading

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Shapes and Colours

Sometimes processed images sit on my desktop for some time while I think about them and wait for my conflicting feelings about them to reach a consensus. Today’s image is a case in point. It was taken a year ago … Continue reading

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