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Table Talk

What goes on above one’s head is often missed. And when I see something like this, there’s always that little niggle that wonders if one of them will look down and see me pointing my camera up at them. These … Continue reading

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Three plus one

The floor will do nicely as a place to chill out, take a break, talk with friends. The floor is free, you don’t have to buy a drink or food to use this space. This is Tate Britain in London … Continue reading

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…And so to something completely different. I’ve said it before and will no doubt say it again: you go somewhere really photogenic and find something that has nothing whatsoever to do with the place; an image just spotted, en passant. … Continue reading

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A walk around the principal streets of the West End of London is one of my favourite hunting grounds for images. I never have any agenda, I just walk and observe and sometimes wait. My attitude to the environment can … Continue reading

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My wife and I went out for lunch in our local city centre earlier this week, to be followed by shopping. After lunch my wife went off to shop and I went to find some images. The city centre is … Continue reading

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Sitting Waiting

A journey is always an opportunity for a photograph. My images are often shot surreptitiously, from the hip with my Canon G10, hoping to capture something worthy of a picture. Many stations on the Underground have been up-graded, and this … Continue reading

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Having a Lie Down

I was in Tate Modern last Monday, and whenever I’m there I can’t resist standing on the first floor balcony that overlooks the massive old Turbine Hall and indulging in a few minutes of people-watching. I spotted this man lying … Continue reading

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Walking by

Words can add to, or detract from, an image. This is an occasion where words are irrelevant. Except to say: Regent Street, London. April 2013

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The Conversation

I was sitting in a light airy canteen overlooking the Thames yesterday having a snack and watching the conversations going on around me. Body language can be fascinating. There were couples slumped in chairs saying nothing, groups of women convulsed … Continue reading

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