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Yellow oil

Rapeseed – Brassica Napus to give it its proper name – is one of the stand-out sights of Spring in the UK. For some years, finding a photogenic yellow field has been one of the challenges I have set myself each … Continue reading

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Hunting down those Fields of Gold

Sometimes life as a photographer can be exasperating; but ultimately rewarding if you stick to your task. The task being, in this case, finding a few more Fields of Gold (Oilseeed Rape – Brassica Napus) worth photographing before the season … Continue reading

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Fields of Gold

Fields painted golden yellow, blue skies, and a hint of green. That’s the  great combination created by a field of Oilseed Rape (Brassica Napus) on a fine day. Sadly we haven’t had enough fine days this Spring to provide opportunities … Continue reading

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On a showery day

Implicit in the forecast for showers are the two possibilities that (a) you might be fortunate to miss them and (b) in the gaps between showers there might be sunshine. If you are fortunate on both counts then you will … Continue reading

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