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Early morning light

Yesterday I caught a cable-car ride to Schwarzsee and this was one of the views that greeted me. Some mornings take your breath away. The light had a softness to it and a thin veil of mist hung over the … Continue reading

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Queue ahead

Straightforward mountains are popular mountains. And on a sunny summer’s day don’t expect to have the mountain to yourself. This is the traffic jam of roped parties taking aspirant climbers up the Allalinhorn, and this is quite possibly their first … Continue reading

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A Place to Pause

Mountain walking is not always about the objective; there are days when one just wants to walk and soak up the landscape, listen to the quietness, and be at peace. Takehide Kazami – Japanese author, climber, and photographer wrote way … Continue reading

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Line of Ascent

Take one look at this long line of roped parties – akin to a traffic snarl-up – to understand why, on easy climbs in the Alps, I far prefer to climb solo. There’s nothing intrinsically difficult about this climb provided … Continue reading

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The Way Up and Down

Throwing caution to the wind we went as high as possible today (to Mittel Allalin) on the one and only fully dry day so far. Clouds still obscured some of the many summits but it was worth the trip and … Continue reading

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Ed Viesturs, the first American to summit all fourteen of the world’s eight thousand metre peaks wrote: ‘Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory’. Anyone who climbs knows how easy it is to reach a summit and … Continue reading

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For the View

Why do I climb mountains? People climb mountains for many reasons: Because they’re there (to paraphrase George Mallory), as part of a self imposed challenge (climbing all the Munros, or all the Alpine 4000M peaks for example), maybe simply for … Continue reading

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