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When to Delete

I’ve been quiet on the blogging scene for the last few days – making last-minute revisions to my talk ‘The Seeing Eye: Getting the Picture, Developing the Image’ which was delivered last night to Oxford Photographic Society. It was a … Continue reading

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Let me take you there

So far this month I’ve acquired another two hundred images and last night I was looking through them and felt spoilt for choice. And as my eye scanned through them I found that one perfect symmetrical image that I just … Continue reading

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Through Tinted Glass

Today’s images are the final two that I will be posting from my last walk-about through the main departure lounge at Geneva Airport last month. The combination of clever architectural features to maximise light, and areas of tinted glass has … Continue reading

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Abstract Geometry

Your first thought on seeing this may be: ‘What the heck is that?’ And my answer would be: ‘Does it matter – would knowing what it is change your opinion of it as an abstract image?’ It’s an image that … Continue reading

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The End of the Line

It’s Friday again. It’s been a busy week with 19 images posted in my last two blogs. So, time for something simple and short for today. This image was shot from the window of a speeding Eurostar train two years … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday

It’s Friday, end of the week, time for something a little lighthearted. Someone commented on the images in the two Mezzanine Window posts – ‘The Mezzanine Window’ and ‘The Mezzanine Window Part 2’ – saying, entirely reasonably, that they would … Continue reading

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The Mezzanine window

Something simple and abstract for Friday. This is the view through the frosted (and slightly tinted) Mezzanine window on our staircase. For a brief while in the morning sunlight penetrates the narrow gap between our house and our neighbour’s obliquely … Continue reading

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Waiting to fly

The process of flying from one country to another requires infinite patience. At the airport one moves from one zone to another (check-in, security, passport control, departure lounge, gate), each move entailing yet another queue. It’s like watching paint dry … Continue reading

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