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Digital Alchemy

We seem to have had more than our fair share of rain lately. And when it rains it feels as if someone up there turns the shower head on rather dramatically. Rain comes down in torrents. A bit of down … Continue reading

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On the Diagonal

When fellow bloggers make suggestions for how an image might be improved, or could look different, I listen and experiment with their ideas. And this is the case with today’s image. Frank King of Frank King Photos (do take a … Continue reading

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Rusted Abstracts

The sun has finally put in an appearance and we headed for the South Coast for lunch at the East Beach Café at Littlehampton. The East beach Café is a unique architectural building, and for once the word unique is … Continue reading

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Looking Into

I lifted the lid – literally – on our piano a few days ago. Sadly it won’t be travelling with us when we move; it’s hard to justify the space it occupies when it is so rarely played these days. … Continue reading

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Looking up

An undulating broad ribbon of reflective material hanging from a ceiling in a newly-opened  superstore yielded this abstract image. Never forget to look up!

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Striking Gold

Yesterday I struck gold – thanks to my wife. Not Gold, the substance, but photographic coins of gold. It rained yesterday afternoon splattering the windows with spots of rain that clung to the glass improbably. And then the watery late … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Board

I was in South London yesterday and spotted this row of Eyes (knots in the wood) staring out at the world from a plywood hoarding outside a disused building. The Eyes stared out at me and my Eye spotted them. … Continue reading

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Are you an inquisitive person? A bit of a maverick, perhaps? Do you hate being told what to do and would rather find out on your own? When you explore software do you sometimes think: I wonder what would happen … Continue reading

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Boarded Up

I spotted this boarded up window in a back alley in Zermatt. What a fantastic pattern.  

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Here’s a scenario for you: you go away on a day-trip or a couple of days away, and you come back with a collection of images. And then you check through all the images you captured on that trip. What … Continue reading

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