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Diagonal Lines

Network Rail’s new HQ building in central Milton Keynes featured in an earlier post – ‘Nearing Completion, at sunset’. I ended that post saying: ‘I confidently predict this will be a much photographed building’. I stand by that assertion. If … Continue reading

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The Hatter

Whilst driving I catch glimpses of many things – views, buildings, objects that I would like to take a closer look at. But as the driver (almost always) I don’t get much chance to take a detailed look as we … Continue reading

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Poster People

Last week seemed a strange week – the temperatures suggested Spring but the countryside was disinclined to acknowledge that Spring might have arrived [see my comments in last Friday’s post, ‘In the Spirit of Optimism’]. Bereft of nature’s colours I … Continue reading

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Today’s image resulted from me being ‘let off the lead’ for half an hour in Milton Keynes centre while my wife shopped, without me fidgeting around in the background. A bonus for both parties – she got to shop hassle-free … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park

Last weekend my wife said “I’m tired of doing the same old walks, let’s find somewhere new to go”. That’s what happens when you live in the same place for 36 years – you get bored. She remembered spotting a … Continue reading

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The gap between

When we travel to other major towns in the UK, we realize how fortunate we are to live close to (but not within) the new city of Milton Keynes (MK) and its huge covered shopping malls. When I completed my … Continue reading

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A Lakeside Walk

The weather where I live in the UK has been pretty cold for the last few days – sharp overnight frosts, cloudless skies during the days, and some beautiful sunsets (click here for images of the best one); all thanks … Continue reading

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Nearing Completion – at sunset

A slightly clumsy title that encompasses two themes: A sunset, and a building nearing completion that reflected it. I have been planning to write about the building itself for a few weeks, but let’s get to the sunset first. Last … Continue reading

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The Carousel

Every year in the build-up to Christmas, our local shopping centre (Milton Keynes) has a great Christmas Showpiece in the central hall of its covered Mall – Xmas Tree, Santa, railway (all of 50yards or so), Grotto, sometimes a few … Continue reading

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