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People Watching

An eleven hour journey (taxi, train, train, plane, bus, car) brought us back home to the UK earlier this week. Of those eleven hours I reckon about four were spent hanging around on railway stations and at the airport. An … Continue reading

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Getting There

Travelling is part of the holiday experience – sometimes good and sometimes bad. Last week, as we prepared to fly, was a time of considerable anxiety as the UK was hit by heavy snow and a deep freeze – both … Continue reading

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Abstract Geometry

Your first thought on seeing this may be: ‘What the heck is that?’ And my answer would be: ‘Does it matter – would knowing what it is change your opinion of it as an abstract image?’ It’s an image that … Continue reading

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En Route

We are back home in the UK. Our departure day started earlier than expected at 4AM when a Fire Alarm sounded. Our first reaction was: ‘ Is that really our alarm?’ I opened our door: it was! We were packed, … Continue reading

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If you can’t take it, make it!

We learn by doing. That’s a universal truth. And learning how to post-process an Image is no exception. If you want to learn how to do something (where messing up isn’t a disaster) then more often than not it helps … Continue reading

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Waiting to fly

The process of flying from one country to another requires infinite patience. At the airport one moves from one zone to another (check-in, security, passport control, departure lounge, gate), each move entailing yet another queue. It’s like watching paint dry … Continue reading

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Look up!

A quick post. We passed through Geneva Airport early on Saturday afternoon on the way to Zermatt. A total of 10 hours travelling of which only 100 minutes was in the air. There’s a lot of waiting around with flights. … Continue reading

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Lights and Back-Lights

The worst part about international air travel is the hanging-around-the-airport time that seems to last for hours and hours.  I’ve discovered that the best thing to do is park my wife and the hand luggage once we have found somewhere … Continue reading

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