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Interrupting Flow

Our creative thinking – our creative heart –  is never static, it is continuously evolving. It works in partnership with our Eye. One of my favourite quotes is from Joseph Campbell, a US writer, author and mythologist. He wrote: ‘The … Continue reading

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Tunnel Vision

You go to the Alps for a two-week holiday, enjoy the scenery and the wide-open spaces, and come back with grabbed images of something entirely different. That’s how I see the world. My Eye is never closed to an opportunity, … Continue reading

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Goat Skin Throws

Our first morning on holiday in Saas Fee in the Swiss Alps started off with this image; shot on the terrace of our hotel immediately after breakfast. One of three seats cushioned by goat skin throws. Saas Fee is a … Continue reading

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Please Explain

It is not uncommon to find pavements in London and elsewhere ‘marked up’ to indicate where cables run underground prior to the pavement being dug up, but this set of markings – that reminded me of Morse Code – were … Continue reading

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Heat Wave Distractions

It has been very hot in the UK in the last few days. Enervating, draining heat  – it results in languid, lazy behaviours. The floor to ceiling doors are flung open, the large garden umbrella is deployed but whatever one … Continue reading

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Sky Puddle

It’s nice to get back to some blue sky thinking in front of the computer today after a hectic few weeks re-drafting a talk (‘Observations on a Visual Journey’) for camera clubs, which aired for the first time last night … Continue reading

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At the Apple Store

I was in London briefly a couple of weeks ago and walked past the Apple Store near Oxford Circus. The store has a mezzanine level towards the rear of the store and I was intrigued by the clientele at the … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different. My car got splattered with pale mud on an outing – cue picture. The mud wasn’t quite as white as it looks now, but processing made it chalk-white. And, nothing reflects the world around … Continue reading

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Silver Birches

A trip to Tate Modern yesterday to see the superb exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe (shortly to end) was a reminder of images I took earlier this year of Silver Birches outside the Tate.

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If you have a slightly quirky sense of humour, then you notice oddities, strange juxtapositions, and the absurdities of everyday life. Most of it unintended. I remember a sign that I spotted in a shoe shop window many years ago  … Continue reading

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