This is the exterior of the Towner gallery in Eastbourne. On our first visit, I was captivated more by the exterior than by the content of the interior. A sparse, almost minimalist, concrete facade that when reduced to two dimensions is purely about the inter-relationships between two oblong windows and the shadows thrown by light. Enjoy!

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Hi - I'm a UK-based photographer who started out 45+ years ago as a lover of landscapes, inspired by my love of outdoor pursuits: skiing, walking and climbing. Now retired, I seldom leave home without a camera and I find images in unexpected places and from different genres. I work on the premise that Photography is Art and that creativity is dependent on the cultivation of 'A Seeing Eye'.
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13 Responses to Shapes

  1. Sue says:

    Love the light and shadows, those geometric shapes….


  2. paula graham says:

    Indeed , impressive shapes.


  3. Helen Cherry says:

    Nothing like a bit of concrete! I like this very much


  4. Meanderer says:

    There’s a face there …….. sort of owl-like. Striking image!


    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Meanderer. I hadn’t seen a face, but screwing my eyes up and looking at it from a distance I think I can see what you mean. We often see things in other people’s images that they haven’t seen – I’m convinced we all see differently in subtle ways.

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  5. bluebrightly says:

    This was one time when harsh shadows were your friend! 😉 I love it.


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  7. This is excellently framed and transcends the the strong minimalist design to the viewer. A beautiful image.


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