If you get up early enough and are one of the first skiers to hit the pistes in the morning you will find the snow in pristine condition. It resembles corduroy, the surface discreetly corrugated. The snow is grippy and fabulous to ski. Pause for a moment and give thanks to the Piste Bashers and their drivers. These are the huge machines that have toiled through the night, preparing the pistes for a new day’s skiing, smoothing out the snow that the previous day’s skiing has ruckled up.

If you’re like me and generally take a more leisurely approach to skiing, then the corduroy will be harder to find – it is rapidly swiped by the passage of the first batch of skiers. But stop where the machines are parked and you will find the corduroy preserved.

_DS78661_wpThis image was taken at Plan Maison, half way down from Testa Grigia to Cervinia. The same place where a previous image was shot last year and posted a couple of weeks ago in At One’s Feet. I love these unintentional lines and curves. But even these trademarks will be trampled by the end of the day – only to be reinstated by the following morning.

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15 Responses to Corduroy

  1. I love the shot Andy. The patterns are great! I wouldn’t have known that it was snow if you hadn’t of mentioned it 🙂


  2. oneowner says:

    It makes a great graphic photo, too. You have a good eye for this type of capture.


  3. Oh, yes! Lovely. Could even be a sketch in sand . . .


  4. Chillbrook says:

    So very similar to how some of the beaches here are prepared for another day’s sand castle building in the summer. I will make a point now to get to one of the beaches where this goes on and get some pictures. I love this photo Andy.


  5. Nelson says:

    I love the shot but they are not fun to ski when they are ice frozen


  6. Great eye, love the lines here


  7. Len says:

    Wow, what a great eye to spot these lines and curves Andy.


  8. Phillip says:

    It does look the sand at the beach. Way to actually see!


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