On the Piste

A perfect day  – blue sky from dawn to dusk. Spent the day with my dSLR round my neck, secured to my chest with the chest straps of my slim-line rucsac.

Skiing with dSLR ready for use means skiing at 75% of usual speed and with particular care not to fall over! The day was a success – stayed on my skis. A lot of ground covered, a lot of images. I would have been extremely unwelcome as a companion. Stopping numerous times when something attracted my attention.

_DS78471_wpWent up to the Italian border in the afternoon and the sun streamed across the piste. Ideal for catching skiers in action. Here’s an image captured with the 18-250mm at maximum reach.


About LensScaper

Hi - I'm a UK-based photographer who started out 45+ years ago as a lover of landscapes, inspired by my love of outdoor pursuits: skiing, walking and climbing. Now retired, I seldom leave home without a camera and I find images in unexpected places and from different genres. I work on the premise that Photography is Art and that creativity is dependent on the cultivation of 'A Seeing Eye'. I'm not averse to manipulating images to produce derivatives that may sometimes be far removed from the original.
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14 Responses to On the Piste

  1. oneowner says:

    Looks like a beautiful day, Andy. Nice shot, too.

  2. Chillbrook says:

    A very enviable way to spend the day Andy!

  3. WOW! Is one of them you??? I have never been a skier so impressive! I guess not but wow!

  4. ShimonZ says:

    very nice image

  5. What a terrific shot here, Andy! You’ve really captured the motion and experience of the skiers in action here on a truly picture perfect day!!

    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks very much for your comment, Toad. You have to be patient to wait for the shot to come to you. I watched this guy approaching, shooting an image very time he executed a turn. This was the final turn before he was past me.

  6. Great shot, Andy! Looks like a ton of fun. 🙂

  7. bananabatman says:

    This is a great action shot, and I can see why it is a favourite spot of yours for taking them. I do love action shots myself, but rarely seem to get the opportunity. I would also love to have skied, but never have, partly because my other half doesn’t like ‘slipping and sliding’. A few years ago, when visiting our son in New England, we nearly made it, but not quite. We ended up on Snow Shoes instead of skis, and Dee thoroughly enjoyed that.

    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Dave. It’s not often that you can get quite so close to the action as you can when photographing skiers. My wife has never skied – I tried her on a pair of Cross Country skis a few years ago but she hated it! I learnt to ski when I was a teenager. Then didn’t ski for about thirty years (due to career pressures). Now I go every winter and have never skied so well as I do now. It’s something you have to start when you are young. Snow shoes are a great alternative – you can still get out there into the back country and enjoy the silence and the beauty.

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