An Elephant and a Yacht

Sometimes the Posts I read jog my memory. A week ago on an excellent blog I follow called Burnt Embers there was an image of an Elephant in an unlikely place (Cick here to view that post). It reminded me of the Elephant that used to stand on the roof of the Hotel Post in the centre of Zermatt. And here it is.

DSC_0084_wpWhy is it there? Sadly I have no idea. Except that I believe there once was a Pink Elephant club in the Hotel Post. But unless I’ve become colour blind overnight, this elephant is Blue.

The unique Hotel Post is a central feature at the narrowest point of Zermatt’s main street – it’s not just a hotel but is home to a range of bars, restaurants and clubs to suit all tastes in food and music and open almost every hour of the day and night. It used to be a quirky place full of dark corners and rustic features. Since the photo was taken in 2008 it has undergone an extensive re-development and the elephant has disappeared.

And here’s another image to bemuse the Zermatt Visitor:


The Hotel Post also used to be home to the Zermatt Yacht Club, but now (since the re-development) the Snowboat Bar by the River Visp has that privilege. Now you may well be scratching your heads thinking: that can’t be possible; you can’t sail a boat in Zermatt? And you would be right, you can’t. There are little lakes scattered high among the mountains above Zermatt but there is no body of water big enough to sail even the smallest of boats. Where on earth do they sail? The answer is on Lac Leman – or Lake Geneva as it is more commonly known to most of us.

Zermatt Yacht Club has a boat, an elegant 30foot Ketch, on Lac Leman. And it’s not for the fun of the wealthy inhabitants of Zermatt. The Yacht Club is part of the Grand Largue Association, a Swiss charity officially recognized in 1996, whose purpose is to help handicapped and visually impaired persons to become involved and active in sailing. The Yacht Club’s boat is available for charter with all the proceeds going to the charity.

So, there you have it: two extraordinary findings from Zermatt in the same Post.


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6 Responses to An Elephant and a Yacht

  1. The elephant reminded me of the elephant that sits on top of the Muntaz Restaurant in Shipley – not quite as incongruous though!


  2. oneowner says:

    As far as I know, there are no elephants on any rooftops in our area and I feel I am missing out on a fantastic phenomenon, as evidenced by your photo and ehpem’s. I do have a nice photo of a blue horse in a park but it’s just not the same.


  3. ehpem says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for the mention of my golden elephant. When researching my post I found a newspaper article that indicated the elephant I posted about had been delivered to the store by one of their suppliers. I suppose it is a marketing gimmick of some kind. The store owner decided to put it on top of their roof (when I think about it, what the heck else might you do with an elephant, crowd out your display area or choke up a couple of parking stalls?). However, when they opened a new store in a nearby town they did not go seeking an elephant for that roof. Perhaps they did not know that blue ones are available?


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