Chalk Track Walkers

We are back on Ivinghoe Beacon in Bedfordshire today, on the edge of the Chiltern Hills. Barely a hill, but it’s the nearest thing to free-standing high ground in my area of Middle England. It’s composed of chalky ground, so the paths stand out against the green of the grass. I’ve posted a number of times from here including Ploughed Up recently, and Lambing – a tale of two seasons. There was also another post titled Chalk Track Walker that was not identified as coming from the Beacon (but was) and featured a walker who was inserted during processing.

Today the walkers are real and unadulterated.

_DS75232As we were descending off the top (same day as the image in Ploughed Up was taken) I spotted this couple walking up and immediately thought of catching them as they crested a little ridge on the undulating walk. So I stopped and waited and shot this image.

As this is one of our favourite destinations to visit when we feel the need to stand on elevated ground I thought it was time to show the view of the Beacon from close to the car park.

_DS75188_origNot much of a walk and no great height gain, but from the top you look out over a vast flat plain bounded by smaller hills on two sides including Dunstable Downs. Very peaceful apart from the fact that it lies under a flight path into Luton Airport, but one’s hearing in time just blots out that noise.


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23 Responses to Chalk Track Walkers

  1. Jimmy Denham says:

    Love the black and white and the landscape looks beautiful, big hill or not!

  2. says:

    What a lovely place !

  3. Beautiful spot Andy. I love the B&W.

  4. I especially love the top one…it is really simple but it makes you want to know what lies over that hill (they know)…and I would also like to walk the tracks in the second landscape…excellent, both of them

    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Very much James. For a keen hill walker it really is maddening sometimes to think that I have spent my working life in one of the flatter areas of the UK. This hill really provides a liberating feeling.

  5. oneowner says:

    Looks like a great location for photographers, or anybody that needs a little peace and quite. The first shot reminds me of “the decisive moment”. Well done.

  6. munchow says:

    It’s a beautiful black and white photo, full of ambiance. Well anticipated, Andy! Chiltern Hills may not give you a lot of elevation gain, but it looks like a lovely area.

  7. Rich McPeek says:

    Beautiful black and white shot Andy! Terrific post!

  8. Chillbrook says:

    Growing up in Hertfordshire Andy, Ivinghoe Beacon was somewhere we used to go with the school on occasion. Smashing photographs.

    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Adrian. It’s a small world by the sound of it. I went there with my Father when I was a boy. I was born and brought up in Rickmansworth, which part of the county did you grow up in?

  9. I can see it is a very good place for a walk. Love the hills.

  10. ehpem says:

    Lovely spot. I like both the photos, but it is very nice to see the long view. It appears that it might be tough to find a day, or even a time of day, when there are not a lot of people about, getting in the photos. Though they do fit nicely into both of these photos.

    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Ehpem. It is very popular and deservedly so with walkers. It’s also the venue for a lot of model aircraft enthusiasts who use the lift generated by the wind up the hill to fly their aircraft (no motors) – the models just ride the air currents performing spectacular acrobats occasionally. I have an image of it that I’ll be sharing in a week or two probably.

  11. Absolutely spectacular work here, Andy, I love ’em both my friend! That first shot is full of great natural tension and the second has terrific lines to follow! Really lovely, my friend, great shots!!!

    • LensScaper says:

      Thank you so much Toad. I thought it was time to show the Beacon in a long shot because I’ve posted about it a few times now. The secret with photographing people in the landscape is to pre-visualize what you want and then wait for it to evolve.

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