After the storm – dusted with snow

Yesterday’s storm is in the past. Today dawned with mist swirling round the valleys and wreathing the peaks. A quick snap before breakfast.

Do click any image to see an enlargement – the quality and sharpness is vastly better.


By mid-morning it was clearing fast and so we headed back up to the top of the Felskinn cable car ride for some wonderful views of the Mischabel range, newly dusted with snow. What a magnificent sight they were.


The Mischabel range – Taschhorn (Lt), Dom (centre), Lenzspitze (Rt)

Clouds girdled the peaks, mist rising. The view was never the same for more than a minute.


The Dom at the centre of the Mischabel range

Those who follow my blog may well have seen my posts about the Dom – Switzerland’s highest mountain. From the Saas Valley it is dramatic, the peak at the centre of the mighty Mischabel ridge. The mountain is climbed from the back side accessed from the Zermatt valley.  As with many mountains the two sides are entirely different. From Saas it is a huge soaring rock face, from the Zermatt valley the mountain has a gentler slope comprised mainly of snow.

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12 Responses to After the storm – dusted with snow

  1. Humans who climb those mountains have to know they are not in their natural element! Somehow, it always strikes me that we do not belong there and are tempting the mountain when we dare to enter. There is something antediluvian about them… Beautiful images, Andy.


  2. says:

    These are just amazing!!!!


  3. bananabatman says:

    Beautiful images, but I will continue to rely on your photos rather than visiting myself. I’m not up to mountaineering I’m afraid.


    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks for your comment. Each to his own, as the phrase goes. Mountaineering is hard work. I’ve just been up a high mountain today. Tremendous rewards for the effort, but I’m tired right now!


  4. smackedpentax says:

    exceptional photos! what a place to find yourself…(you lucky thing)


  5. theaterwiz says:

    Great images, you are so lucky to be around those kinda sights


  6. ehpem says:

    Wow – the first photo really does it for me. What a place and such terrific lighting.


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