The Art of Children

Today I have something particularly for all those of you with small children, or those who remember when they were small; not forgetting those of more mature years who recall when their children (even grand children) were small. A time when they started to draw and paint and you smiled, and you laughed and maybe you cried at the exuberance of their work. Especially when you were informed that the person in the picture was ‘You’!

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The old site of The Middlesex Hospital in Fitzrvovia, Central London has been a desolate site for several years since the old hospital was demolished. Finally development is under way – Fitzroy Place will take its place. Click on the link to learn more.


The periphery of any building site in London is secured by high hoardings. These in the past were ugly and roughly painted. Not nowadays – they are shiny, glossy structures on which information about the developers, their plans along with images of architectural mock-ups are displayed.


The developers of Fitzroy Place have taken this process one stage further by inviting the children of All Souls Primary School to contribute drawings and paintings of their neighbourhood and the images in this Post today are a small, a very small, selection from a vast canvas on display of what they drew.


It is wonderfully imaginative work – admire their work, and applaud the developers for involving their neighbourhood, who are potentially the next generation of inhabitants of this area of London.Post300_IMG_4676

Next time you are in London, do not miss this.  I have deliberately included the boards that reference this initiative and include names of all the contributors.


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18 Responses to The Art of Children

  1. What a brilliant idea. Excellent post


    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Edith. Yes, it is an imaginative and brilliant idea – unfortunately perhaps, it’s on the hoarding at the back of the site which is not the main through road, and therefore it may not get the notice it deserves.


  2. oneowner says:

    These is some nice, creative artwork here and a great idea. There is obviously a lot of talent and it’s nice that they have the opportunity to express themselves like this.


  3. Len Saltiel says:

    Great images Andy. Really a super idea and great post.


  4. Great post Andy.


  5. What a wonderful wayt o brighten up the neighbourhood. Sure beats those blue rough-board hoardings that most construction sites use. Great post, Andy.


  6. What a great idea! And how great for those kids to get to see their art displayed like that. Thanks for posting this.


  7. ShimonZ says:

    These are really charming pictures. How nice to read that they were displayed with many others.


  8. Phillip says:

    What a magnificent creative idea. Thanks for posting Andy.


  9. ehpem says:

    Terrific idea. And the kids will remember their first major exhibition for the rest of their lives; that alone makes it a great thing to do.


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