Crossed Tracks

A quick post and a simple image today. After our last snowfall I manoeuvred a car out of its garage on our gravelled driveway and then glanced at the tyre tracks that the car’s wheels had created. An elongated ‘X’ was firmly imprinted in the melting snow. The only question was whether to include or exclude a patch of bare gravel in the shot. I concluded that a patch in the bottom right corner would help to anchor the image. And here is that image. What do you think?


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Hi - I'm a UK-based photographer who started out 45+ years ago as a lover of landscapes, inspired by my love of outdoor pursuits: skiing, walking and climbing. Now retired, I seldom leave home without a camera and I find images in unexpected places and from different genres. I work on the premise that Photography is Art and that creativity is dependent on the cultivation of 'A Seeing Eye'.
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14 Responses to Crossed Tracks

  1. Len says:

    Really cool shot Andy. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a road taken from a high vantage point. LOL


  2. I like it Andy and I had the same thought as Len…I thought this was taken from a high vantage point. I think I would have excluded the gravel. That would have given it even more of an abstract/mystery feel to it.


    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Edith. I agree that by leaving out the gravel the image would have more of an abstract feel to it, but actually in this instance my reason for leaving it in was to provide a context. And opinion amongst the comments has slightly swung in favour of having the gravel ‘In’. Always interesting to have your opinion.


  3. oneowner says:

    I agree, the gravel at the bottom right does anchor the shot and makes it a bit more interesting.


  4. theaterwiz says:

    Simple but very effective my friend, and very clever I might add!!


  5. Very interesting result. Who would have known… 😉


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