Windows over Zermatt

A lazy day around Zermatt today and two images that have absolutely nothing to do with mountains.

Zermatt is a village that is constantly evolving. Its expansion over the last 50 years has been dramatic. Architecturally, new buildings offer modern interpretations of the traditional style, often successfully combining old and new materials. Thankfully, many of the old original buildings also survive, subject to renovations that are in keeping with their history.

The first image is of an old weathered chalet with contrasting shutters and replaced windows.

The second is part of the frontage of the Backstage hotel, re-designed above the cinema in Zermatt. An example of the extraordinary design skills of Heinz Julen that can be found in a number of places within the Zermatt valley.

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2 Responses to Windows over Zermatt

  1. Great contrast in the subjects, and yet they seem linked in spirit, if that’s not an ‘arsey’ way of putting it!


    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks for commenting Paul. I just liked the contrast between the old with the contrasty shutters, and the highly reflective glass on the new building. Between they seem to sum up Zermatt – the old and the new living side by side, and in the vast majority of cases without being jarring and seeming out of place. So yes, ‘linked in spirit’ is actually a very apt way of putting it.


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