A trip to Trift

After yesterday’s climb ‘My Golden Mountain’, the legs felt surprisingly good so I set off to walk 3,250ft up the Trift Gorge.

View down to Zermatt after an hour of walking

The walk to Trift takes up to two hours, and is steep in places up a narrow gorge down which a torrent plunges. There are no mechanical uplifts and so this area is relatively quiet – the province of climbers heading up the Rothorn Hut or energetic walkers climbing the Mettelhorn or a high altitude balcony walk.

The Berghaus at Trift, Wellenkuppe 3903M Lt

This is also a beautiful area for wild flowers and as you ascend you leave behind the long-stemmed meadow flowers and steadily enter the eco zones of much more stunted and hardy flowers – the same wide palette of colours exists, but everything gets tighter to the ground. Unfortunately I left our Alpine Flowers booklet at home and I cannot remember the precise names of some of these plants, but I found a German book that has helped.

A member of the Campanula family



High above the Berghaus at Trift

The reward for the hiker who climbs high is finding Orchids and Gentians. The Vanilla Orchid grows in profusion. Pinch the stem or flower and you will get the distinct smell of Vanilla.

Vanilla Orchid

The small Gentians are less than a centimetre across…

Spring Gentian

The larger ones are bell-shaped.

Koch's Gentian

Other more fleshy stunted plants improbably cling to the rocks.

House Leek

The final high point that I reached was the flat hanging valley before the final steep climb up to the Rothorn Hut. Here melt waters from the Trift and Obergabel Glaciers lazily wind their way across this area before plunging down the Trfit Gorge.

Wellenkuppe Rt

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11 Responses to A trip to Trift

  1. An energetic ‘rest day’, Andy 🙂

    Good images to show for it – you seem to have had good weather on the whole, and although it’s a shame that a trip away has to end, you should arrive back in the UK to good weather.



    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Paul. We’ve been very lucky with the weather, although as I speak it is raining! Walking high, as you will know yourself, is all about getting into that metronomic rhythm and sticking with it.


  2. oneowner says:

    I think the first flower photo is of Blue Bells. That’s what we call them in the States. You have amassed some great photos on this trip. We’ve enjoyed each of the posts. A great trip.


  3. Wow you never cease to amaze me Andy. Where do you get the energy. Wonderful set of images.


    • LensScaper says:

      Thanks Edith. One day the energy will eventually run out – but hopefully not just yet. Thankfully there are always easier walks. But the ‘high’ ones offer the greatest rewards


  4. Pete Buckley says:

    It’s a nice valley up by the Berghaus Trift – good photos too


  5. seekraz says:

    Beautiful, Andy…love those colors…and the icy stream with the stark mountain behind it.


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