Standing Still

I was in London again yesterday for a meeting, and had lunch afterwards with my daughter at King’s Cross. King’s Cross railway station has recently undergone a major redevelopment that includes the addition of a vast semi-circular departures concourse with an elegant vaulted ceiling.

This was my first visit to this architectural masterpiece, but only with my Canon G10. I will return later with my dSLR and a wider angle lens. Below you will see an overview of this space, but the image that caught my imagination is the one you see first. On an upper level walkway (which you can see at the foot of the second image), I spotted a man standing motionless, in isolation. I think he was texting or emailing from his mobile phone – it doesn’t really matter. He was just there, luggage parked beside him. He stood out against the diagonal cross-members of the roof. I just knew I had to get an image of him.

The colour in the original was minimal and irrelevant. A B&W conversion was obvious, I’ve increased the contrast, and lost what minor detail could be seen through the roof to reduce the image to its bare bones, eliminating anything that was a distraction from the drama of the background.

The second shot is merely to give you a taster of this building.

There are better views to be had – focusing on the vaulted roof – but seen from one end of the concourse I felt this image conveyed an impression of the sinuous curves of the building that are not evident if attention is purely concentrated on the roof.

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13 Responses to Standing Still

  1. Mark says:

    A couple of very nice shots.


  2. Len says:

    Nice images Andy. That second image is killer with all of the lines and curves. Well seen and captured.


    • LensScaper says:

      Many thanks Len. Everyone tends to shoot the roof from the central point. It makes a symmetrical shot, but seen from the end of the building you get more of a feel for the general sweep and curve which I found more interesting.


  3. seekraz says:

    I like them both, Andy…great eye…as always.


  4. A.Barlow says:

    Nice set man, good eye spotting that guy, prefect placement.


  5. Love that first shot there, Andy, that’s TOP DRAWER! Love the natural tension in the man working his cell phone there. The B&W really does bring out all the detail and drama… and the second photo is just full of liney goodness! Love these, my friend, great job here!


  6. oneowner says:

    I like both shots but the first is stunning. The B&W treatment is perfect.


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