Mezzanine Window – the final cut

The Mezzanine Window on the staircase of my house has already been the subject of three earlier posts, as followers and regular visitors to my Photoblog will know.

When you are as familiar with a scene, as I am with my window, you often miss the obvious. In the case of this window I do have an excuse. For 30 years this window was draped with curtains. Last winter we removed the curtains and substituted a blind. For the majority of the time the window is now totally unobscured, which allows observation of the play of light on the brickwork surround of the window, and the distortions created by patterned glass. When the blind is drawn, sunlight distorted by the glass is cast upon the blind. Click either image to see an enlarged version.

If you are not familiar with the earlier series do take a look now at the three links below in order.

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As the days grow longer and the sun stronger, it has become clear that there is an increasingly strong natural abstract created by the play of light upon the blind and so this (the final) post on the subject is of two images of this phenomenon.

I’ll be interested to see your comments on today’s final two images.

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12 Responses to Mezzanine Window – the final cut

  1. rigmover says:

    Different but cool as well. Well spotted.


  2. hdrexposed says:

    You have such a great photographic eye Andy, wow. Love this


  3. Victoria says:

    Very nice and cool!


  4. I love how you are exploring this window, and what you are finding. These photos are especially nice, Andy. I appreciate the simplicity.


  5. You di have a wonderful eye. I really like this as an abstract piece.


  6. andybeel says:

    Hi Andy – there is a lovely balance to the tones and colours of this picture – thanks.


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