Tree Ghosts

Today’s post leads on from yesterday’s post. For the simple reason that today’s image is of the backside of the same building. If you missed yesterday’s post – Click here to take a look.

I walked round this building wondering what I might find – three of its sides were adorned with wall paintings. The back wall was partly ‘home’ to the trash bins of the Tesco Express supermarket that operated from the building. But then I spotted the trees, and the tree shadows cast on the remainder of the back wall.

Worth a shot or two I thought, with my Black-and-White eyes switched on.

Back home, warming by the fire (it may be warm by day, but in the evenings a coal fire is still required), I looked at this image and experimented with ways to extract extra drama and contrast from the shot. Nothing seemed to work enough for my liking. And then I hit on the idea of Solarizing it. Bingo! A few tweaks later adding in the more standard image adjustment tools, a tidy up of the sky, and here is the end result.

Click to enlarge

If nothing else, Solarization has increased the drama that I spotted in the original scene.

Enjoy the weekend. I came back from London yesterday with a hundred images to sift through from visits to the V&A Museum and the Saatchi Gallery and various places in between. An image or two from that collection may appear next week I suspect.

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5 Responses to Tree Ghosts

  1. Len says:

    This is a really cool effect Andy. I’ve never tried it but will soon. Great idea and result


  2. That’s very cool Andy. I’ve never tried that effect. I like the end result.


  3. Simon Morris says:

    Yeah, cool shot Andy… well visualised and processed!


  4. Cool effect Andy! Very creative.


  5. Really digging this effect here, Andy. This turned out very nicely. Well done!


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