Flat light

I’m in Zermatt for a week’s skiing. To avoid having my laptop confiscated by my wife(!), time spent writing posts, and viewing blogs will be limited, so posts this week will of necessity be brief. And I apologize for the fact that there will be limited time to comment on all your posts, although I will try to post ‘thanks’ on Twitter as per usual.

It was snowing last night as we arrived, and we woke today to low cloud, dull skies and fresh snow to add to the already generous depth. There have been no blue skies or glorious views to bring you. It has been a day of ‘flat light’ and poor visibility at times that combine to make skiing tricky. At times you simply ‘feel’ the slopes through your skis rather than see them. Disconcerting!

Despite the conditions there are images to find. Both taken where pistes divide.

Choice - click to enlarge

The building in the second image is of the Fluhalp Hut – a beautiful spot in summer, and not bad in winter if you fancy something warming on a cold day.

Approaching Fluhalp - clck to enlarge

Hopefully the weather will improve for tomorrow.

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Hi - I'm a UK-based photographer who started out 45+ years ago as a lover of landscapes, inspired by my love of outdoor pursuits: skiing, walking and climbing. Now retired, I seldom leave home without a camera and I find images in unexpected places and from different genres. I work on the premise that Photography is Art and that creativity is dependent on the cultivation of 'A Seeing Eye'.
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7 Responses to Flat light

  1. Marcie says:

    Zermatt?!?!? Lucky you…and – yes – I do hope you get some good snow! Happy skiing!


  2. munchow says:

    Flat light in a snow filled landscape is always a challenge for any photographer. But fresh snow for a skiing – even with white out – must be great. Have fun and enjoy the skiing. Deep, fresh snow, that is any skiers dream. And when the sun comes out, maybe your wife will let you take some photos…


  3. Len Saltiel says:

    Have a great week Andy. Enjoy and keep off the computer. Just bring back some great images.


  4. Enjoy Andy. Don’t worry about the computer or visiting us there’ll be enough time for that later. I’m sure you’ll have some glorious days while you’re there and we’ll be waiting to see your shots.


  5. Adam Allegro says:

    I hope you had a wonderful time!! Well done on the photos, I look forward to seeing many more!!


  6. Dave DiCello says:

    Enjoy your trip Andy! These are some great shots to start off with!


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